Discectomy and laminectomy..

Hi guys..New this forum..As I've said above I've both had these treatments over past 30 . years .would say I've managed, had injections numerous times..the last year I've been suffering from hip pain as a result I  went to the doctor's and found that I got osteoarthritis in the left hip and chronic glute pain.. I've had two injections in both hips done nothing.. I've always done excerise before I've been a postman for the past 30 years  in and out of vans..I've start recently    using resistance bands in my exercises before I go to  work..Has anyone else tried these as I'm desperate for the pain to stop with out using to Many pain killers.. would appreciate any feed back..As time of writing covid 19 stopping  me from seeing any form of doctor or physio..



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    Welcome wcollard1602 we’re glad you’re here!

    I have osteo and RA, I have had several injections in my hips and knees, there has been a couple of times that I have had to have a series of injections to get things cleared uo

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