Mysterious Hand Pain, anyone else?


Good tidings to all in this trying time. I have taken time to read a few postings to see if anyone has something similar to me but no luck thus far so I am reaching out. Perhaps someone here might know something my doctors don't and I can make a suggestion for them to investigate a new possibility since I am out of their element now. I regularly visit an orthopedic surgeon, hand surgeon and physical therapist. (Well, not right now since I am staying home and out of work.) My insurance refuses to do an MRI (or even ultrasound) so I am stuck not knowing what might be wrong. My doctors presently see no inflammation, I have been tested as negative for carpal tunnel and have been participating in physical therapy for months with no change. I use over the counter medication, occasionally stronger pain receptor blockers and have gotten cortisone shots with no improvement to note. 

The pain I experience is on top of my fingers with minor radiation inside the joints. My wrist bothers me sometimes, but mostly it's my fingers. I have violent tremors and subtle ones, sometimes just in my fingers but also my entire arm can convulse, twist into tight awkward looking poses I can't control. It is important to note that no other limb does this, just my right arm. My hand will drop things randomly, lose grip without any prompting. I no longer use glass cups because of this or hold knives, pans...anything really while I cook. I do get numbness and tingling in my hands, but it's my entire hand, not just specific digits or locations. I have these problems in both hand (aside from the large convulsions) but worse in the right which is my dominate hand.

Notably I am an artist and that was my job until a year ago when this pain started. It first started after a few long sessions, which wasn't unusual when trying to meet deadlines but my hand went into a claw lock. I couldn't unfurl my fingers at all for a few hours, slowly it stretched out but was in pain for weeks. I rested it, did stretches, iced, everything I was told to do but my hand has never been the same since Winter 2018. When I try to draw now, my hand doesn't ease into pain, it is painful instantly to return to that position, increasing in potency the more I draw. At around 3-4 hours, it becomes unbearable. That's no where near a full work day and if I draw every day, the pain gets worse and worse through the week, making it practically impossible to even hold anything on the weekend.

Obviously this problem has changed my life, I can no longer do my work or partake in my passion effective. I have done everything I've been told to do, tried all stretches and exercises suggested to me daily. I am a good patient, if that's a way to put it because there is nothing I want more desperately than to be better so I can draw again.

As a side note, I do suffer from headaches/seizures and have small absences on my brain. I say either because my neurologist doesn't know which they are as the one MRI I did have of my brain did not show evidence of either, but did see the damage. She does not believe it would contribute to anything, but every doctor seems to have their opinion on that. Three neurologists have all said different things about my tremors in regards to my brain damage, one said no, one said maybe and one said yes so essentially none of them are helpful. 

I digress, this is a lot. Maybe since I have been through so much I might be able to use my experiences to help others here in the future too. 

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    Hi Doriasaurus. Well, I get fasciculations and sciatica and numbness in my foot with crampy toes like clawlike as well and I have herniated lumbar discs so also have minor issues with neck and hands but the trembling is the lower leg from my spine. I've had an MRI of spine to show this radiculopathy. 

    Not saying that's what you have since you have seizures as well could be more than one diagnosis like myself have fibromyalgia as well so many different areas you have affected. I've seen Rheumatologist as well and He was the one who gave steroid injection and ordered the MRI for my shoulder and had shoulder surgery so lots of investigation and Specialists are needed.

    I go to a hospital pain center where they do various procedures for any kind of pain but need a Family Dr. referral and long waitlist so I had to wait 8 months to get in but it was multifaceted care from different Specialists except Rheumatologist was a separate referral for me. Well welcome here and hope you find the support you need here. Charry

    I'm just a member and not a medical health professional-just sharing part of my story

  • Far Right two fingers ache at times

    Thumb and index at other times depending on activitys, sleep position..if i sleep to the right side  then yup..outside fingers 

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  • Welcome Doriasaurus we’re glad you’re here!

    I have hand tremors, numbness and tingling in my hands, I have cervical issues and RA, there has been all kinds of testing done to try to narrow it down, the best diagnosis I have is that the tremors are caused by my cervical nerve issues.

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