Refered Pain resulting from cervical operations C5C6C7

Has anyone else suffered from or is suffering from referred pain to the rest of there body namely shoulders, lower back and even legs and generally feeling tired the whole time, pressure on the chest muscles as well as constant neck pain from very tight muscles. Not being able to go to my physio twice a week because of coronavirus as I am at risk over 70 . Having to result to wheat bags for warmth along with TENS Machine, and neck massager. Not the same as deep tissue massage. 



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,555


    Are you getting any exercise? I know for myself, I love to get out and walk. But if the weather is bad and I can't, I always feel tired even though I have not done anything. I do my exercises every day that I learned in PT but waking  is better for me.

    With the way things are right now, we have to do things on our own and get by. 
    Take care and I hope you find some relief.


  • Hi Memerainbolt

    I walk our dog for just under an hour, the problem I have that along with the ongoing Neck issue I have problems with my lower back for which I had Plasma treatment which unfortunately only lasted 8 weeks. but to get relief from the neck would be really good without taking Ibuprofen on a regular basis wood be really good. This is a difficult period whilst being on lockdown and unable to access normal therapy

    Thanks for your help, 

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,555

    Sorry I wasn't much help. But I do hope you find relief soon.

  • no, it is good to talk and share experiences, Thanks once again

  • Hey papps I am 5 months post C5/C6 and have constant pain in the back of the neck into left shoulder arm and hand. I use heat and ice alternately and helps a little.  Like you not bei able to go to physio is a set back. My next appt with the surgeon is June 2 unless COVID has other plans. 

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  • Hi Decirp

    Thank s for your comments, yeas I too use heat as well as a TENS Machine which gives me great relief I have also invested in a wrap-around neck massager which runs of batteries, it has 5 modes and it is great because you can walk around the house without trailing wires. Do you also get the muscle pain radiating into your chest muscles? Stay well and i look forward to hearing from you again

  • Hi Papp,

    I do not get the muscle pain into the chest mainly the back of the neck feels really tired and heavy and some numbness in the shoulder. How long ago did you have your surgery ?   We can only hope things improve . Once physio opens its game on again . 

  • I had the first surgery about 22 yrs ago and the second surgery 2 yrs ago, good luck keep in touch

  • Wow 22 years ago, how was it for 22 years before having to undergo a 2nd? I’m still stressing over my first .

  • Living with pain is no fun at all, the surgeon told me at my first operation that I would probably need to have another operation sometime time in the future as the strain on the vertebrae above and below the site of the first operation would take it's toll  Good luck and keep posting 

  • Hey Papillons,

    Still struggling here some days are better then others. My battle is alot of a mental battle but ya keep trucking. I was also advised that a second surgery could be in my future, if i can go 22 years before having to go through this again I would be ok with that. Hope all is well with you my friend.

  • Hi Decirp

    Good to hear from you, another symptom of the neck surgeries is that the muscles that support the head and neck become incredibly tight so much so that there are knock-on effects like pressure over the eyes and sinuses, which also radiate into the jaw area and teeth. I am constantly having to massage the areas with either CBD oil or Pernaton muscle rub (Made from green mussels) wheat bags etc plus taking Ibuprofen in a regular basis which is not good for you. Stay positive at least we are alive, during this terrible Covid 19 period

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