Not sure if spondylosis or cranio-cervical instability or...?

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Hi all,

It's a bit painful to write, so I won't write much. Basically, am 50-year old woman in States, have had (starting last month) neck weakness, head pressure, headache, seems hard to hold head up, shoulder/upper back soreness, crunching sounds when turning neck, all of which were 'confirmed' as osteoarthritis in neck, with x-ray. 

However, I also have puffy (swollen?) fingers, eyes, bit of blurred vision, *lots* of fatigue, bit of imbalance, poor sleep (?), racing heartbeat, tinnitus, and bloating/loss of appetite, when the neck is at its worst. 

Was reading about cranio-cervical syndrome, instability, etc. Haven't had MRI. 

Concerned. Should I have upright MRI to check ligaments? Should I see specialist? I've only seen orthopedist and am getting p/t, but nobody seems to know what I'm talking about when i mention the 'extra' symptoms I'm having. 

Thanks so much for advice. So worried right now. :( 



  • Welcome jcat33 we’re glad you’re here!

    It sounds like you will need more testing to narrow things down, however some of your symptoms sound familiar to me, I have rheumatoid arthritis, the swollen fingers, fatigue, vision and poor sleep are all things I have dealt with because of it, since being diagnosed and doing a lot of reading about the disease I have come to understand that RA can cause all kinds of different symptoms. 

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    I also have RA, osteo, Fibro and all of the arthritis that goes with it. When any of it flares up I have most of the symptoms you do, so I understand how you feel. If it were me, I would start with a rheumatologist. I always go to the doctor with a very descriptive list of my symptoms, pain and when it hurts the most. I always ask him what he can do for me, what test will he do and what are my options. I would also see a spine specialist, requesting diagnostic testing to find the problem.

    Finding the right diagnosis can take time and sometimes more than one opinion. Don't give up. We have a saying here, be your own advocate for your health. Good luck and please keep us posted.

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  • Thanks guys. And yeah, I've been advocating for my health in many areas, for many years...;) Realized long ago that docs (or not many) often know much about what goes on outside their narrow windows. 

    I will go see a spine specialist, and I will consider a rheumatologist, too. Thought it was only Osteoarthritis, but really seems like it's more than that. Feels connected to ME/ Fibro which I've suspected for a long time, due to sleep disorder and other things. 

    Thanks so much. I'll check back in...

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