Loss of feeling in soles of feet

Hi everyone.  Some of you will possibly remember me from previous postings.  I have previously been diagnosed with spinal stenosis classified as 'severe' both in the lumberand cervical areas.  Surgery has been considered previously but discounted due to my age (80) and other health problems.  I have come to terms with being disabled and with support from my wife and all the usual aids, wheelchairs,stair lifts, adjustable bed and opiate medication etc, I have managed quite well.  I can walk sufficiently to get around the house and garden otherwise an electric power chair is used.             

Recently however I have noticed a loss of sensation in the soles of my feet.  This has affected my balance, not good at the best of times, which has led to an increase in falling.   Has anyone else experience of this?  I am inclined to think that this is likely to be a natural progression of the condition and could likely culminate in being wheelchair bound.  I hope I am wrong.   I would be delighted to hear from old contacts on the site particularly if anyone had any useful experience of this aspect of stenosis.



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,339

    Somerset John

    I do remember you quite well, nice to hear from you again. But I am so sorry you are in this condition. Of course my first question being, have you told your doctor about your feet and the increase in falling? 

    I also have stenosis and a list of other back issues and health problems, and like you, because of my age, I am not a candidate for surgery. I have learned to live with it too except I have a pain pump. But my feet do not go numb. 

    Please be careful. And keep us posted on how you are doing.

  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 319

    My experience with numbness in my feet led to my neurologist - not neurosurgeon - ordering a nerve function test or EMG I will say the test was unpleasant but was useful to discover that I had neuropathy in my feet or lower extremities. There are days I can't feel my toes or the front part of my feet and this makes it very easy to trip. However, my ego being as large as it is, I refuse to use a cane.

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  • i am a new member.  cannot get in to any doctor due to the Covid... but i am beginning to feel numbness in the feet.  Also swelling of the ankles.  My stenosis was discovered about 4 years ago, but due to osteoporosis i am not a surgery candidate.

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