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Hello everyone. I’ve been experiencing chronic pain for almost 5 years, and I feel that I’ve gotten no where. I’m looking for general advice from people; maybe you’ve been where I am and have gotten past the point of no diagnosis. I’ll try to be brief.

My pain, like many, started in one localized spot. For me it was my back, and some pain in my knees. Early on I saw the recommended docs and therapists for that. Fast forward 5 years and my back pain has progressed quite a lot. Besides the constant unchanging low back pain, I experience constant feeling of fatigue in my legs and knees, especially when I’m inactive. Exercise is sometimes my only relief. I experience hip pain, elbow pain, neck pain; ranging anywhere from dull and achey to sharp and persistent. Second to this is the constant tiredness! Wow! My eyes have a burning sensation almost all of the time and my body fatigued that, like many of us, I just sort of get used to. The latest and most worrisome symptom are the headaches and facial numbness. This has been only 6-9 months and it worries me because I’ve avoided even the occasional headache my entire life. Now I have this frequently, paired with a pins and needles sensation that spreads to my face from the bridge of my nose. 

I’ve taken stress management, diet, and exercise seriously as some of my only methods of self help, and they’ve been tremendously empowering, but have just not been a long term solution.

This all started when I was 22 and I’m 27 now. I know many of you have experienced pain longer than this, and I feel for you all. I really do. I want to move forward with my life; make new career goals, meet someone and have kids some day soon. My pain is my first and foremost priority and I need to get this resolved. I’ve been to many doctors with no results. Have tried anti inflammatories, anti depressants, TNF blockers for possible AS, but nothing has curbed this and no doctor has been able to help.

Are any of these symptoms similar to your’s? What would you recommend to someone who is seeking help for chronic pain but isn’t sure of the most practical and time sensitive approach? Has anyone worked with a patient advocate for additional help? Really just looking for any help or advice at this point. 

Thank you and wishing you all the best.



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    Welcome rdperry to the forum, we are glad you are here!!

    As you have found out, finding the source of chronic pain can be very frustrating. If it were me, I would see a spine specialist, neurosurgeon or neurologist. Have you had any diagnostic testing done? 

    On the forum, we have talked before about being our own health advocates. A good way of doing that is to keep a pain journal every day. What hurts where, when, describe it, what you do to make it feel better. But most of all how it has changed your life. When you go the doctor, take this with you. Trying to tell a doctor how you feel is one thing, but when you have notes and can go into detail, he can understand better. I have been doing this for years and it has always helped.

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    Have you read through our Chronic Pain Resources on Spine-health? You’ll find a number of valuable Chronic Pain Coping Techniques and resources for Understanding Neuropathy Symptoms. It’s a comprehensive resource for those seeking more information about chronic pain. I hope you find these resources helpful.

    Take care and let us know how you are doing.

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