Level 1 cervical acdf surgery

Had a level 1 cervical acdf surgery yesterday, so how long will I have a sore throat, upper back pain



  • Welcome mike74 we’re glad you’re here!

    I had ACDF C4-C7 surgery a little over 2 years ago, the sore throat lasted around a week, the upper back/shoulder pain lasted a couple of weeks, but we're all different. I hope your recovery goes well. 

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  • Hi Mike I had C5/C6 on Dec 17 2019. Had no problems with a sore throat was eating salmon and rice that night. Neck pain still persists for me. I was doing pretty good until physio closed down two months ago due to COVID so hoping it’s muscular tightness. Next appt is June 2 for me. Good luck with recovery and feel free to pm me and questions. The biggest thing is staying mentally strong and being patient. You will have ups and downs try to roll with it . 

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  • Thank decirp and challenger. My surgery was on 5-14-2020 after it was rescheduled due to covid 19, had my c5/c6 surgery at SLU in St Louis MO nurses told me when I woke up everything went good, could not talk to my surgeon he was already in another surgery, it was the first day for surgeries since the shut down, I recovered pretty well in the hospital that day I guess they released me about 2:00 the same day, which I'm sure it was because they didn't want to risk to many patients to the coronavirus and I had to problem with that reason, but I didn't have on a neck brace I thought that was something I needed, when I asked about it they told me my surgeon said no need for one that the fusion would work better for me then a brace, one of the Dr on his team said if I wanted one he would get me one I said yes cause I have  a 3.5 he ride home when I go home , me and my wife are staying at my moms which is only 20 minute drive from the hospital till mid week just to be sure, today is day is day 3 after acdf, still my throat is the worst whatever I eat, and drink hurts so much don't matter if it yogurt, pudding, jello, mashed potatoes, ice cream, drinks is the same way, hopefully this will get better reather quickly, I don't see my surgeon till June 23, see my regular Dr this Thursday, any more information and advise will be appreciated

  • I was only required to wear a brace when riding in a car and had to do so for 4 weeks, I know the throat is aggrevating, it was for me also, that went away after a week.

    Take care and keep us posted


  • Hi Mike,

    figured i'd check in and see how your recovery is going, hopefully you are improving slowly every day. Its a lot longer process then you anticipate. Anyways hope all is well my friend.

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  • Today is day 10,  throat is pretty much pain free, have to make sure I have plenty of water when I do eat to get it on down the pipe feels like a little lump to where the food has some trouble going down,  voice is getting better also, the cough is sometimes annoying only happens when my throat get dry or when I'm asleep, tricep area still burning sensation and weak feeling along with back of neck and upper back between shoulder blades still painful, staying positive, still have 3 more surgeries to go through, carpal tunnel on both sides and cubital tunnel on left side, lumbar spondylosis l4 over l5 with bottom of spine sitting on top of pelvic bone, they are hoping it's not already fused bone on bone, if so nothing they can do for that part, again staying positive, thanks

  • mike74 - From your last update, it sounds like you are pretty much on a good recovery schedule.  I've had three ACDFs surgeries (each a single level) over the years and each one took time for the soft tissue tissue at the site of the incision to "calm down".

    I wish you well on this continued recovery and your other scheduled surgeries.

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