Chronic rhomboid/ scapula pain

Hi all,

I’ve had chronic pain in what seems like my rhomboid(?) right along my shoulder blade for several years. It feels like huge knots all along my shoulder blade. When I first noticed it I was working on a vegetable farm with a lower back injury and was doing a lot of repetitive lifting, shoveling, etc. suddenly that area of my back was burning and had a co stand and insistent pain that felt like a knot that I just couldn’t get to. When I finally went to the chiro she said my back was so inflamed that she wouldn’t touch it and sent me home with ice. I’ve been to physical therapists, chiros, and massage therapists but none have offered long term relief. I have had cervical and thoracic imaging done with no results. I lay on tennis balls every night, heating pads, baths, stretching and none seem to help when it gets really irritated. I’m not sure what to do or who to see anymore. 



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    I had to look this one up as it is a muscle strain not something related to the spine, I don't think. If it were me, I would ask my PT or chrio or even my regular doctor what specialist to go to from here. I am sorry I can't be of more help but maybe someone else can.
    But keep us posted on what you find out.


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