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I am asking a real quick question. I have had 26 back surgeries and I am fused from S-1 to L2 plus I have had my sag joints fused. I had a morphine pump implant in 2007 and had it removed in 2012. I am now suffering in intense pain from the collection of morphine crystals in my spinal cord. I am wondering if anyone else is also suffering from this condition from the morphine pump. I have had 8 EMG done and all doctors are saying that my nerves are dying. I have lost all feelings in my left leg and the right leg is getting constant nerve spikes that are just starting to become unbearable. My neurosurgeon has told me that the morphine crystals have bundled my nerves at the base of my spinal cord and there is nothing that they can do for me. Is anyone else going through this misery?





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    I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I also have a morphine pain pump but have not had any issues with mine. I have heard of the crystals that can form and the damage that can be done. Please don't give up, hopefully someone will be able to do something.

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