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Please don’t tell me Ibruprohen or Acetaminophen

Hi. I’m new here. I’m trying to find pain joint relief 

Every search says the same thing 

Ibruprohen, acetaminophen 

If those things worked for me I wouldn’t be here

Any suggestions?? I’ve also used meloxicam



  • Welcome painedINmich we’re glad you’re here!

    Joint pain can be from many causes, my suggestion would be to go to the doctor and have a check and conversation, you may need to be referred to a specialist.

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  • Naproxen prescription strength 800 mg twice a day.

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  • charryccharry Posts: 266
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    I’ve used ibuprofen and my Dr. said it brings my blood pressure too high. And 3 grams max of Acetaminophen a day but that’s my deal. Run any med with your Dr.  and bring a list and write down their suggestions. 

    I use ice and have a heat pad like rice or just my eye pad even. I put in microwave for some joint pain 20 minutes  for any joint or shoulder issue my Dr. referred me to a Rheumatologist Dr. who specializes in meds for pain anti inflammatories and such.

    I have a Pain Management Dr. at a large hospital and a great family GP Dr. Referral was from My family Dr. To get in a large pain Center that has a whole team of Pharmacists, physiotherapy. Mindfulness. and injections etc. But the waiting list is forever so get your name in if you have spine issues that are lasting or require injections. I looked around online then told my Dr. I wanted to go there and worth the wait. 

  • Hi! Have you tried Arnica? It’s homeopathic but really helped me! You can take it orally (pills or drops) and as a creme. I recommend both. Orally is key though as it needs to build up in your system over a few doses. 

  • painedINmich - There are valid concerns about the excessive use of ibuprofen (all NSAIDs) and acetaminophen. 

    Years ago, I had a pain management doctor (now retired) who told me that about half of his patients at the time had permanent liver damage from excessive use of ibuprofen and/or acetaminophen.  There is varying medical views of how much is excessive.

    I've had significant success with two homeopathic treatments:  (1) use of turmeric with black pepper and (2) the anti-inflammatory diet.  If you search the web, looking at reputable medical sites, you should be able to find good information. 

    Also, I was tested for both Vitamin D3 and magnesium levels.  I was severely deficient in Vitamin D3 and mildly deficient in magnesium.  Getting both those levels back into normal ranges has also decreased my pain levels.     

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