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L3,4 and 5 Fusion 1 1/2 years ago. Still in PAIN!!!!

I was 66 yrs old when I had this surgery. Could not walk at all before.  After 4 mos after tests showed that the screws were loose and that the surgeon said he should of also done the S!. My pain is low  back with the hip area being the worst then down my leg into my foot. Just had MRI W.contrast and a CT scan. Will meet with surgeon on the 15th to discuss reports. Anybody have the S1 fusion done after their other levels were done?? Please advise and thanks so much. V



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    I have had 2 lumbar fusion surgeries, I am lucky in that I have had pretty good pain relief from them, but as with most spine surgeries it's not perfect. I have not had SI fusion, but we have several members that have, I hope they see this and can help with the comments

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