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Walking issues after L5-S1 microdiscectomy

I’m 11 days post op, and am, pain wise, having good days and bad days. 

However my real annoyance is with my lack of walking progress. In the first 5 days I was slowly building up my distance, until I could almost walk around the block. But for the last five or six days, I’ve had the same recurring issue. Whenever I’m walking and I put my left leg forward to take a step, I feel a small twinge on the left side of my lower back. It almost feels like a bone clicking. It’s not super painful, but I definitely feel it if I try to walk normally. And it gets a little worse as I go, stopping me from adding any real distance.

My herniation was on the left side. And although I’m still having some leg issues that I’m sure are just from nerve decompression, I don’t seem to be showing signs of reherniation. The only other issue is I occasionally get a burning pain in my tailbone. 

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m not sure if I’m making a big deal over nothing, or if I should call my surgeon now (we have a follow up in five days).



  • I have had several surgeries, all have been different in one way or another, but the one thing that has always been consistent was that when the nerves start waking up some of the pain returned and it seemed like my progress slowed down or went backwards, it always cleared back up but it took some time, my surgeon would say to do what you can do and build from there.

    Take care and keep us posted


  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,703

    I agree with Chip, this will take time and patience. When nerves start waking up they can sometimes make you think there is really something wrong. You only 11 days out and this will take time. I would keep walking but don't push yourself, only do what your body will let you.

    Take care and keep us posted.

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  • So it turns out that I reherniated. I had a second microdiscectomy and am now three weeks post op. I feel great, but when I’m walking I occasionally have a somewhat sharp pain in my back. Not super intense but painful enough to get my attention. Only seems to happen every 1-3 minutes. Hope this is just a part of my nerves “waking up.” But it’s certainly making me nervous.

  • Sorry you needed another surgery. I understand about any pain like that especially after what you have been through.


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