Cervical ADR post-op

Hello, I’ve had a cervical ADR about 3 weeks ago c-5, c-7. Recovery seemed to be going fine for the first two weeks, x-ray post-op looked fine. This week would be 3 weeks post-op and I feel terrible. I started feeling very nauseous and getting headaches and now my throat is starting to hurt on the inside where my incision is. I called my doctors office & they told me it doesn’t sound related to the surgery and it sounds like strep throat, which I have a hard time believing but I am going in tomorrow for a check-up. Does anyone have any experience like this post-op? I’m starting to get really worried. 



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    It has only been 3 weeks since your surgery and recovery takes time and patience. While you are waiting, go to the search box at the top right of the page and key in ADR surgery, scroll down past the ads and you will find articles and older discussions from members who have had this surgery and how their recovery went. Hopefully tomorrow you will get good news.

    Take care and keep us posted

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