Cervical Decompression surgery

I had cervical Decompression surgery (bone spurs removed) About six months ago to alleviate numbness and weakness in my hands and arms and a lack of fine control. At the current time I have not yet had any improvement has anyone else had this surgery and did they get any improvement and how long did it take. I’ve had this problem now for nearly 2 years it took a year to get Surgeons to agree that surgery was required. I’m frustrated and want to get back to work.

 Surgeons to agree that surgery was required. I’m frustrated and want to get back to work.

If  anyone has any advice it would be gratefully received

Many thanks




  • Welcome timbo1 we’re glad you’re here!

    Have you had any follow up imaging? If nerves were compressed before surgery it can take time for them to heal, my surgeon says to give it a year, luckily it has not taken that long for me but I ahve been in the 4-6 month range.

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,554


    I see that you are in the UK and health care is different there. But like Chip said, if I were you, I would be requesting a MRI from your surgeon to see what is going on because of the numbness and weakness. Nerves can take 6 mos. or more to heal.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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  • Thank you for your comments.Once the pandemic allows I will get anotherMRI scan but it is good to know nerves take a long time to heel!


  • Hi Tim

    Thought I would reply since I just had my C6/7 replaced 6 weeks ago before surgery, had arm pain wrist pain forearm pain, problems with fine motor control in my hands very weak triceps shoulder pain, I had a two level fusion 4/5 5/6, 10 years ago, so I had surgery on this level June 26th, when I woke up there was no more arm pain but am still dealing with the weakness in my arms I can’t hold my arms up in a certain position for very long, but my neck feels great I have to say compared to what it did and I lose any motion . It’s very scary to lose arm strength, and I know it will take a while for it to come back it did from the last surgery I had ten years ago, but this level is different in the arm weakness, what levels did you have done? Hope you are feeling better take care, Lela

  • Hi Lela

    It was C3-C4 osteophyte removal only

    Just had another MRI but no word from surgeon!

    It is so frustrating!


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  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 490

    Hey Tim Was there any spinal cord damage done due to the decompression? Also did they find any Myelomalacia In the area where the cord was compressed. Take care and God bless

  • Not that I’m aware of the words myelomalacia have never been mentioned!

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 490

    It should be on the MRI, but ask your doctor about it.

  • Thanks Mike - will ask when we have a telephone consultation in 2 weeks. I do find though that surgeons don’t like you asking specific questions! I don’t like being challenged especially when they don’t know the answer.I think the problem is they are not splitting out spinal-cord compression and nerve root compression. I have no pain whatsoever therefore root compression does not appear to be relevant. It’s a long road not like having a hip replaced which was Relatively straightforward do you know what’s going to happen and you know you’re going to recover if you do the physio!

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