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Surgery Again?

I feel like my cervical spine is  dominoes. Years ago a large truck coming off the highway rode up on my Toyota giving me Whiplash. Then 10 years I was rear ended at a stop light by a large pic-up truck "soft tissue" damage.  They have called it Degenerative Disc Disease/Arthritis.  C3/4 were fused ADCF-2013, then another ADCF-was done in 2015 to include 4-5.  All was good! Unfortunately but there was impingement at C5 and so a laminectomy/forminectomy was done in 2017. Most of my pain was in my lower back and doing PT, injections, swimming helps. Last fall the nerve pain from neck starts up again tried PT, injections.  My orthopedic surgeon moved from the area. Been seeing a new doctor since October.  He ordered a new MRI and it doesn't look good good. C-5 hardware shifted, and C-6 is sliding in on spinal cord.  His thoughts are to open it up again from the back. Fix C-5, fuse C-6,7,T-1 and hope that it will stay anchored. I'm 72 not sure if I'm up to doing this again. I take Mobic for arthritis.  I was on Gabapentin for nerve pain but it was causing brain fog, personality changes, and not really helping the pain so it was discontinued.  The forums here have been helpful in the past.



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    I am so sorry to hear this, again. That's a very big decision and I understand. I'm 71 and I know I could not go through another surgery even though my surgeon wanted to for scoliosis. I'm glad the forum has helped you in the past and we will be here for you again.

    Take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.

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