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Spinal Stenosis??

My doctor informed me by phone of the results of my CT scan. I have a narrowing of the neck and spine and she went on to say that she would make an appointment for me with a Neurologist. After the call I looked for info on the net re "narrowing of the neck and spine" and the medical term Spinal Stenosis kept appearing. My doctor did not actually use that term, but I was wondering if that is what I have? When I bend my neck after a few minutes I then get severe pain down my neck and spine and on occasions I have weakness in my legs. Just wondering if indeed it is Spinal Stenosis?  Thank you.



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    Spinal stenosis is narrowing of the spine. But only your doctor can say for sure if this i what it is. Read the articles Chip sent you and start writing down questions for the neurologist. It is always best to go to a new doctor well informed and full of questions,

    Good luck and please keep us posted.

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  • Thank you, Sandra.

  • Did you have an MRI ? ....which you probably need and I think is important at this point to see the disks, nerve roots, soft tissues and get the whole story. I had all sorts of ex-rays that didn't show much of anything significant before the golden MRI.  I have stenosis (narrowing) in a couple of my lumber nerve root canals but not around the actual spine itself according to my last MRI.  I also had a very painful disk herniation that went through a nerve root canal on the opposite side of this stenosis at same lumber location. So one side basically ended up pushing out the other.  I have a long term ongoing lateral pelvic tilt or hip hike and it causes my spinal column to be unbalance on each side. I hope all that makes sense or helps at all. Any narrowing is worthy to get fully checked out so you know what to do And not do.   

  • Thank you for your input. I am unable to have MRI`s because I have a cochlear implant. A cochlear implant has an internal magnet that can be affected by an MRI scan. I have had to have CT scans.  Sorry to hear what have gone through, hope you are finding some comfort to ease the pain.  I was presuming that I had spinal stenosis because that term appears whenever I look into narrowing of the spine and neck. I guess I will have to wait until a specialist.

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  • lucille

    There are other test that could be beneficial for you that are safe, because of all the metal in my back and neck the doctor usuall orders a myelogram for me, it's not a fun procedure but the imaging is second to none.


  • Chip,

    Thank you for that information.


  • I did mylegram for my back several years ago because MRI kept indicating there was not severe problem. After 3 years of misery doc ordered it, called me and said I needed surgery. I agree with Chip, great test.

    Good luck and hang in there. I had spinal stenosis in neck with ACDF surgery in 2016. Read up on anything you can and ask a lot of questions.


  • I agree with others X-ray won’t show what needs to be seen.  I had surgery in Dec for chronic cord  compression.  Wornution how do you feel since your surgery in 2016?

  • Decirp, unfortunately my neck has been causing me a lot of problems, more narrowing and trying to find a new ortho or neurosurgeon to review my case.  A lot of crunching, pain into arm and hand with periodic numbness. 


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