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Any Similar Experiences? -- Spinal Fusion, Back/Shoulder

Hi everyone.

I have had back pain for five years now and shoulder pain for two. I have been to four different physical therapists. They have worked to varying degrees and I still incorporate some at-home stretch/strengthening for my pain. However, some of the pain persists, and I have also heard mixed reports from doctors/physical therapists and how lingering my pain will be. What I'm really concerned about is the way the right side of my back BUMPS. Please see the following pictures. I have been told this is inflammation. Two things to note: my upper-right back is hard. I have been told this is a rib out of place by two. I have been told this is a tight upper back by one. I have in general been told i have inflammation. All of the pain has been onset.

I will try to be detailed and concise as possible with the pain. As for shoulder, I get pain on both shoulders, circled in this image. For this, I have been told bursitis and i have also been told impingement. I have also been told it's connected to my low back pain. I have done the NEER/Hawkins test and i do feel impingement.

For back pain, it's mostly lumbar, middle back. It started as lumbar pain before the shoulder pain. In one of the above pictures you can see a bump in my left lumbar. I am able to put tennis ball pressure here on this tender spot and it usually releases. I do not know if it helps, because the pain subsists.

Nights are bad. Some days are better. The only times I can remember getting rid of the pain is when I went to the gym consecutively, or when I took a trip to Chicago and on the third day the pain started to relieve. I sit all day, and I have an office job. At home I get home and sit. As I type this out it seems as if I'm getting close to an answer, but every time I try to implement something, I give up in a week because it doesn't seem to work. Please tell me what to do.

  • 25
  • Male
  • 6'3
  • 190
  • Black/White/Hispanic
  • 5 Year Back pain, 2 year shoulder pain
  • Existing scoliosis and had spinal fusion surgery when 15
  • No medications


  • Welcome lucaswrite we’re glad you’re here!

    You didn't mention if you have had diagnostic imaging or if you have been seen by a spinal specialist, if it were me, that's the route I would pursue

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