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I recently had L4-S1 fused and had PICC cages / spacers inserted. I am having a hard time finding good pillows to order for my neck, lumbar, and under my legs for sleeping. Any suggestions? Also, I am have terrible headaches and elevated temperature after the home therapy I was sent home with from the hospital and walking around a bit with my brace on. Anyone else experience this as well? Suggestions? 


I was tested for infection before being released. I do not have any infections so I’m thinking maybe it’s just my body’s reaction to the trauma of surgery? 



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    Keep a close watch on your temperature, I was always told if it got above 100.4 to report it to the doctor. By rule we are not able to recommend products such as pillows, I understand what you are going through though, I have several pillows, some work fine and others were a waste of money.

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    Have you read the article Practical Advice for Recovering from Back Surgery on Spine-health? It offers a lot of practical tips around what to expect before, during, and after surgery. You may also want to check out the video How to Prep Your Home for Spine Surgery Recovery, which also has some great tips.

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  • Thanks for the welcome! Okay sounds good. I have not read those yet, and I will check those out now. 

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    I haven’t had neck surgery but have herniated discs cervical. I can only use a  travel size pillow, I used to love memory foam but can only use the small lump in the pillow to put neck in. 

    They do sell special ones recommended by Physiotherapy but they’re expensive and look bulky to me. I like my pillow you can toss in washer and dryer every few months to fluff it up but you can’t do that with every pillow. 

    Does your Surgeon office recommend a special pillow post surgery? I know when I had shoulder surgery I had a triangle cushion and sat right up practically for months with tons of pillows prop me up. Hope things are well after surgery?

    Any fever after surgery and it Covid times call surgeo and he will send you to ER probably That’s pretty urgent

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