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Neck pain after working out

Hello. Around 4  daysago I was working out and at the end of a hard workout my neck started hurting. At the time I was doing tricep dips on a bar and the pain was abnormal but didn't hurt to bad. Once I finished my workout I noticed the pain more. It quickly became very painful and it was hard for me to move my head to the side without terrible pain. I have felt this pain before, but mostly just after sleeping on my neck wrong, never after working out. I figured I would let it rest for a few days then return to working out. I rested 3 days then just now tried to workout. My neck was feeling okay, only a little irritation left when I would look down, which is why thought it would be okay to workout. As soon as I started working out I had terrible pain in my neck again, and it hasn't left. I want to say it feels like a pinched nerve but I'm not sure. Please help.  



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    If it were me, I would take a rest from working out and give it time to calm down, if it didn't calm down after a few days or got worse I would go to the doctor and have it checked

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  • I'd say find a good physiotherapist and start there, perhaps massage as well.

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