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Has anyone ever

Hey guys so Friday i will be 3/12 months post opp c3-c6. Anyway I just got my emg results from a month ago I have a pinched nerve c5-c7. I have an mri on the 25 that they are waiting to compare to the emg to see if I need another surgery or not( this one would be to clean out the stenosis and fix the pinched nerve) but lately it’s all waiting and worrying with no answers from my surgeon or his office. As it is I only found out my emg results from Nurology. I’m not really sure why I’m writing this here maybe hoping someone has had similar experience or can give me some advice. I’m trying to not assume the worst but that’s kinda difficult lately considering I also just found out I have bone spurs and 2 bulging disc’s in my lower back plus a pinched sciatica  and may also need surgery on that in the near future. Also if it turns out that I need both another neck surgery posterior this time surgeon said 3/4 week max recovery time and a lower back surgery which do I choose to have first? Oh ya also found out I have a lesion on my brain and like I said I found all of this out today did I mention on what happenes to be my birthday and not a very good one either. Can’t wait for it to be over tomorrow can only be better. Okay I know it’s a lot and I’m sorry but just one more thing... My nuro surgeon had my mri and xrays before the surgery so why didn’t he clean out the stenosis and fix the pinched nerve then instead of possibly making me go through 2nd surgery.



  • Welcome simpleyme we’re glad you’re here!

    I am sorry you have so much going on at one time, it's bound to be overwhelming but after discussing all of your test with the surgeon things should become much clearer. I hope you have a Happy Birthday

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