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Next stage

The nerve block i got so many years ago is still doing its job

But the damage is there, the nerves are still crushed and as i go along the damage progresses as you well know

Its been 3 or 4 days since  the cervical neuropathy reared its ugly head

The thumb and pointy finger of my left hand are shot. Cant open a pop bottle for the weakness and touching the keyboard of the phone is like pushing a needle in to the  bone of my thumb

The index finger burns down the inside to the tip and holding anything is an excessive exercise in concentration to not drop or turn loose of whatever ime holding.

The left scapula up  to my neck is a gordian knot for days and hints of the old pre injury pain has returned 

Cervicogenic headaches ,neck strain, and trapezoids are afire

C3 and 4 for this to blame and the others damaged dont help.

Im the smiler,  co workers don't know whats hidden except  for one of my bosses.

Just because ive accepted the pain doesnt mean i cant rail against it.

The body fails and we sail into that darkness of sef doubt

Where the will is strong but the vessel is weak and unwilling and i turn to waiting for one more chance to move forward

A bit of release..tonite the vessel is empty and i am thirsty...I work at nite and they are turning endless for the pain. Suffering for me is the mental side..the pain is inevitable...its a constant...the mental game is the variable in the equation. 

I dont fear the endless wreckage of my condition..ive grown into this crowm of thorns...those prayers whispered to the winds are lost. I don't  fear the body drying up and Reed like in the river of life 

The flowers have been long pressed and the waters stilled to mirrors. I can remember  the smell of the day i pressed them and the waters let me see the past as a mirror.

How long before the next progression?



  • charryccharry Posts: 266
    edited 06/20/2020 - 9:29 AM

    That’s great the one steroid injection  nerve block helped for so many years For you. I wish I had long term relief like that. I go every year for steroid and RFA.

    I hope nothing serious for you . Always have to get X-rays or mri to check things with spine issues. 

    Well enjoy your day. It’s really a heat wave out there where I live anyways. Take care


  • Charry

    Its passing as i hoped it would!

    Its just happens more and more often, its still tender and sore though. The RFA was an amazing relief..brought the pain down about 60% of levels..there are flare ups and constant pain but still less

    Sorry to hear you have to go back periodically though.

    I work at nite so the worst of  the heat is broken..but here in South Texas its hot 9 months out of the year, its been 30c..90+ish for a few weeks.

    I want to move up to the mountains someday... or at least north-er than here, i love the cold weather autumn and Winter my fave!

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  • Cervical nerve compression on the right side and lumbar pain and sciatica on left, and I hate feeling that I have to pick and choose the days I can take a couple of tramadol. My fioricet is limited so I use it sparingly like 3 pills a day. Tramadol is my back up med. I am saving that for 2 days this coming week visiting my grandchildren.  So I muddle through the days combining advil with lorazepam or muscle relaxer, my dr is not very generous with fioricet and really wants the tramadol to be used only a few times a week. NONE of these meds work well enough for me to do much anyway. I took advantage of the desert heat and floated weightless in our warm little above ground pool today. Floating around and enjoying the beauty of the desert mountains and joshua trees was enough to free my mind from my aching body. A little cannabis helped too. You gotta do whatever it takes to get through the day when doctors decide how many times a week you can get pain relief from meds. Venting again. William and Charry, I hope this week is better for all of us. 

  • Venting is oooohkay.. !

    I can handle dry heat all day everyday, thats why i liked New Mexico and Arizona climes

    We have the hot sands here on the island...but sargasso ans other pesky things like man o war stranded makes for interesting smells...and feels

    Tylenol is my friend...i have no meds because of cracks I fell through, workmens comp and insurance company issues.

    The mind game is the hard part..losing my strength amd dexterity is weighing on me because of my photography being affected..essentially i feel a clock has been set.

    The hand still hurts and hard to use dextrously.

    It is what it is and i also choose to make every day as food as i can.

    Thankfull for food,a roof, a good boss ,a place to vent..

    Hang in there Nancyanne..not all days are bad .

  • Flare ups are awful. Do you do gentle neck stretch and ice and heat? Like I do that for my cervical issues and just had RFA yesterday on lumbar area,. 

    So what does your Pain Dr. say about another injection or X-rays? 

    I would not like scorpions and Stuff like that in Arizona but would be nice heat. I had just about enough of winter though but it’s like really warm here this week. 

    I miss working. I used to do the night shifts as well and kind of was a night owl but 20 years on nights they switched me to evenings and threw out my back. I know it’s hard to have a workout routine if you work nights? 

    Hi Nancyann now I’m going to look up Joshua trees. Nice to have a pool to float in for sure. 


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  • It had settled back to a minor ache and back to normal to a point.

    All this..all the entire issue has become a "something" that happens...almost like a cold or flu or something expected. 

    A nuisance. Of coarse i tire of it, but like an umplesant task that needs be done to get back to where i need to be,the flare ups are tolerated i guess.

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