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Pain in Left side - Question regarding

ouch247oouch247 Posts: 2
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Hi everybody! I just joined the group.
I really hope that somebody can help me.

I have multiple herniated discs. I have major pain 24/7 on the left side of my body.

I understand which discs cause most of my pain, however, I am not sure what specifically causes the left part of my face to be numb/painful. My pain management specialist at  is not helpful. My imaging is way too old and I want to request to concentrate on certain areas of my spine as hates to do any tests.

Does anybody have any suggestions of which vertebrae could be causing my face issues? Thank you so much in advance.

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  • If you can find the search box it has spinal nerves  and where they come from illustrated .On Spine-Heallth. 

    I would see your Dr if this was new though as there are other things which can affect facial nerves. 

    I would name a few but we’re just fellow spine members and can’ t give medical info but if this is new and sudden I would get help if it were me.

    Welcome here! Take care, Charry

  • Thank you so much @charry for your reply.  I have had this issue for years.  It has just gotten much worse over the past few years.  

    I think that the tech/doc missed.  The last x-rays that I had were a few years back so they are way out of date.   I am starting to believe that when reading them, they overlooked issues from c1-c4.  There were noted problems in my cervical spine area.
    I pretty much have to tell them what they will need to scan or they won't do it.

    Thanks much!  Your suggestions are appreciated.

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,713

    Welcome ouch247

    If my face were numb and painful, I would be seeing a spine specialist, such as a neurologist, as soon as possible and have diagnostic testing done. Usually pain management will leave it up to the specialist to find the problem. Their goal is to manage your pain.

    While you’re waiting for a reply to your first post, please take a few moments to review the Code of Conduct and FAQ section, located under Forum Tools. There you will find important information about posting in the forum and helpful tips for new members.

    Have you visited the Herniated Disc Health Center on Spine-health? It has a number of comprehensive articles and videos that you might find helpful, including common causes of a herniated disc, symptoms, and treatment options. I hope you find this information helpful.

    Again, welcome to the Veritas Health Forum.
    Veritas Health Forum Moderator

  • Well I’ve seen Bell’s palsy numbness in face as well get to the ER of something new is happening. 

    I have fibromyalgia and all kind of weird pains and things as well as spinal issues and I practically have to beg for Tests right? Take charge of your health in a gentle but assertive way. Any numbness is concerning. I hope you found the spinal nerves link on Spine-health.

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