T6-T7 Issues

Has anyone had a confirmed diagnosis of issues in the T6-T7 area of the spine causing abdominal pain that radiates in the area just left and above the navel. (i suppose this could be different based on the side of the nerves affected) I have had upper endoscopy that showed normal stomach, small intestine, and colonoscopy that showed normal as well. 

I did have a laparoscopic partial necphrectomy for renal cell carcinoma back in 2017 on my left kidney and I suspect that I may have adhesions from that surgery. I definitely have some type of issue with my spine as I have times when i can't raise my arms and I do have pain in the area between my shoulder blades. 

My pain is worse when i am laying down and radiates to my arms and chest. I'm not making any progress with the doctors as they don't seem to be seeing anything on any imaging i have had done thus far. (CT scan yearly since 2017) 

I do have DDD full spine and Spinal stenosis in the lumbar spine. My primary complaint is the GI related pain and I'm curious if anyone has had any similar experiences. Thanks, Kerry



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    Have you had a doctor tell you there is a problem in the T6-T7 area through a MRI? If not, if it were me, I would see a spine specialist and have this done. 
    Keep us posted

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  • I have not been able to get an MRI of my thoracic spine thus far. I did have a chiropractor that pressed in the t6 area and could trigger pain by doing that.

    He adjusted the area and got me where I could move my arms, etc as I was unable to lift both arms at the time.

    The adjustment didn't last. 2 days later I was right back in the same shape.

    Insurance wanted physical therapy when I couldn't even lift my arms to brush my teeth.

    Thanks for the reply, Kerry

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