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Pain again what do i do

Hi been quite a few years since ive been on here, i had a disectomy at c5/c6 quite a few years ago and things have been great no pain and been getting on with my life.

The last 2 weeks though i have pain and dont know what to do, started in my neck across my right shoulder into my back by my shoulder blade my tricep on my right arm and my pointing finger has now gone numb.

Spoke to doctor 2 weeks ago as i still have codiene from time to time with a stiff neck but no probs, but the codiene wasnt covering the pain which i told her so she prescribed me naproxin. Anyway pain got a little better and codiene began to help so asked doctor for somemore but she wasnt happy with me because id said it wasnt working, made me feel like crap and kept reiterating that i said it wasnt working, she did eventually prescribe me more and it has helped but the pains not going away. She also tried to get me to contact the physio which i tried but they just want to email me stretches to try ive tried always to relieve the pain even looked on ebay for some stretches but they havent relieved the pain. Im apprehensive now about calling her again as she said its muscular but a recent development about the last week is the numb finger where as when i rang her initally it wasnt the case and no pins and needles like i had the other side before.

I dont know what to do now or who to contact with this and due to the covid 19 i dont know what can be done.

Im looking for some advice please, hope someone can help



  • If it were me I would contact the doctor again and report the numbness and tingling, it may be time for more imaging to find the cause.


  • Hi c5c6man i was just reading your posts from years ago, what ever happened with the issue you had back in 2017, you stated you had a prolapsed discs at c3c4? Sorry to hear you are dealing with new issues this is my biggest fear and I am still recovering from my first ACDF C5/C6 back in Dec 2019. Its been a struggle since with good days and bad days. COVID doesn't help. Were you speaking to your family doctor, neuro or pain management doctor? Physio opened for us about 3 weeks ago and I know how much a struggle it can be with no support.  If you dont have a good pain management doctor I recommend you look into it, I ma lucky to have had one years prior and he does a good job taking care of me. I wish you the best and keep us posted.

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  • Pain settled from that time, i just get the odd what i call flair ups from time to time down that side but nothing in comparison to before i had surgery, and usually resolves itself in a couple of days. But nothing like this as this is the other side, im just hoping with rest it will be ok. Ive got a week off work next week but if im still in pain like this think im going to go to hospital to see what they can do

  • everything is at a stand still here as well, I am waiting on a follow up MRI and heard they are still only doing emergency MRI and still need to book all those who got cancelled way back in March, April, May when COVID shut everything down.  Not sure how it is where you are but here in Canada everything moves at a snails pace, there are  know private MRI clinics so you wait and wait for everything. Just finally got word my x-ray looks good at least.  I have been living on ice and heat daily.

  • I wish you well, and hope you get sorted soon

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  • Dealing with a similar issue that flare up from time to time. It's probably a good idea to get new imaging to make sure everything is in its place. My doctor recommends I use a soft cervical collar when I'm active - including gardening, practicing yoga, reading etc. The only time I'm NOT to wear it is when I'm driving and in bed. He claimed I  would have 50% to 100% improvement over time. It's been several days and I have noticed a positive difference. Hope this helps.

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    Welcome to the forum!! I see you are a new member, thanks for posting. If you would like to, tell us a little about yourself and what brought you here.

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