Cervical Fusion

Last October I had upper cervical instability, Cervical spinal stenosis at two levels, and was losing the use of my left arm and shoulder due to nerve impingement.  The neurosurgeon took out 3 discs, C4-5, 5-6, 6-7.  And put 3 clips in those places.  He had found bones on two of the nerves going to the arm.  After surgery I regained my left arm.  But now I again feel the left arm nerves going bad.  Later, the screw going into C5 at the top came about 1/3 the way out.  Now, a different neurosurgeon has found via CT and MRI that C5 and C6 vertebral bodies have about 3/4 deteriorated.  There is thoracic hyperkyphosis and cervical hyperlordosis, as well as C1 and occiput at an odd angle, with head always turned to the right.  His plan is to take out C5 and C6 vertebral bodies, and replace with spacer block of some kind, and hold it with two screws each on C4 and C7.  Then, fuse from the skull down to about T6.  Hopefully this would stabilize C1 and C2.  He is concerned about the excessive curvature and scoliosis.  Presumably he would remove previous hardware.  Upon questioning, he told me the previous fusion had not fused (how could it?).  He had a conference with other neurosurgeons about my complicated case, and is sending out for second opinion (really fourth or fifth).  Incidentally I am in early 70's, never a smoker, and have osteopenia.  Any thoughts?



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