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Pain in ankle 5wks after Microdiscectomy

Hi all!

First post here (33/f) but been reading a lot. I’ve read a lot about recovery from Microdiscectomy and the timeline for pain. I’m at 5 weeks now and have been getting pain in my ankle again for about 2 weeks. I’m worried I’m doing too much bc as of 4 weeks post op I started doing the elliptical at the gym slowly and doing some arm circles. I just was feeling like I had to do something!

The ankle pain comes and goes and isn’t nearly as bad as pre-op and it’s my only real pain, other than my hip feeling a little tight.

Am I pushing it at 4 weeks? Should I be worried? I don’t get pain while working out it’s only when moving from sitting to standing position! Also am on no painkillers at all for 2 weeks also... I feel like that might just be it? 

Thank you!!!



  • Welcome chels we’re glad you’re here!

    I would contact the surgeon and report the pain, I would also discuss your workout routine with them because you may be doing things that they don't want you to be doing at this time. We all tend to overdo after surgery but it requires time and patience to fully recover, my surgeon only wanted me to walk for the first 6 weeks after surgery, no equipment allowed.

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