meniscus tear

I am going through a very hard period in my life right now.

Until two months ago, life seemed relatively promising.

But now it looks uncertain, as I feel I am losing even the small things which used to make happy.

To sum it up, I used to jog.

And last month, even if on that day I wasn't in my best shape, I went on a long run because I wanted to lose some weight.

When I finished my run, I felt that my legs were weak, and I couldn't even straighten my legs.

However, the doctor said that I had just a muscle strain, and I completely recover very soon.

For the time being, I don't feel pain, but I can't take more than just a few steps, because my legs are weak,

However, some day ago, while I tried to get up from a chair, and I used my left leg, I felt as if something had run through my left knee.

I wouldn't say it was painful, but once I was on my feet, my left leg felt a bit weaker than my left leg probably felt a bit weaker, at least for the fist moments.

Is this possible that this could have been a meniscus tear?

I've hear that there are some tests to check this, but I think it would think it would be better for me to try than when I'm feeling a little better.

Anyway,  assuming this is a meniscos tear, what should I do for now and in the future?

Should I listen to a doctor again?

And how long could it take for this to develop into osteoarthritis?



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    The only way you are going to know for sure is to see a doctor. Right now, you are only assuming this is a meniscus tear when it may not be. If it were me I would get another opinion from another doctor.

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