Laminectomy/disectomy recovery

Approximately 7 weeks ago I had a combination lumbar Laminectomy L2-L5 and a bilateral disectomy L4/5.  Prior to that I had been diagnosed with lumbar stenosis and suffered chronic back pain, mostly while walking.  I was ordered by the doctor to walk 40 min 2x a day as well as ride a stationary bike 30 minutes a day for recovery.  Since where we live in Spain many products are seasonal and stationary bikes are among them.  I had to order a bike that is supposedly arriving ‘this week.  

I am fairy religious regarding walking daily but do most of it in the morning due to the distaste for activity in the heat.  It seems like there is a little progress daily in my ability to ambulate.  I was walking very unsteady immediately after surgery but have become a bit steadier over time.  I started walking with two crutches seven weeks ago.  A couple of weeks ago I advanced to two hiking poles.  Today I walked about 50 minutes with only a cane and a couple of hours later am suffering a radiating pain in my lower back.  

I will soon be 69 years old.  Is this slow recovery normal?



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