Pain after one fused disc and widening of space for nerve root.

Hi All,

Three years ago I had laminectomy, etc. in three levels and no decrease the pain in my right leg

. Two weeks ago I had one disc fused in the space waiting for my nerves are going down to my right life. The first day in the hospital I have pain in my thigh and the doctor prescribed steroids for 24 hours. The pain went away. 

I got home and accidentally reach for some paper towels under the sink and kind of lost my balance and tried to get back up. I noticed some pain in my right back and also going down my thigh afterwards. I don’t know if it was because of that or just that it was going to have pain anyways. The PT in the hospital said that don’t be alarmed because your nerves are going to be very very angry right now. I’m just hoping I didn’t mess it up.

I’m going to get a x-ray this morning and talk to my physision tomorrow.



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    2 weeks is very early in recovery for fusion surgery, I have had 2 lumbar fusion surgeries, after both the nerves hurt and there was quite a bit of inflammation, it takes time and patience for a successful recovery, if the pain is severy, you may want to call the surgeons office to see if you need medications to help control it.

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