Pressure in arms

I've been experiencing pain in my arms that feels like they want to explode from the inside out. It's a very strong feeling of pressure. It only happens when I'm in bed. Sometimes it's accompanied by an irresistible need to jerk. My neurosurgeon thought it was due to a previous  cervical spinal fusion and x-rays confirmed deterioration where the plate and screws were so he operated and enlarged the fusion. This hasn't worked and he has no answer. I've looked all over the internet but haven't found anyone describing this particular kind of pain. I'm hoping someone here can help. Thx!



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    I would seek out another opinion, I have some of what you describe at times which is caused by a cervical issue that needs addressing.

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    I agree with Chip. If it were me, I would get another opinion. Sometimes, it takes a second or even third opinion to find the root of the problem. Don't give up.


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