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SHarp low back pain that radiates to stomache

This has not really happened to me before. I was doing heavy landscaping lifting logs and it came on like not just at one and last night it was so tight and the pain in my abdominals was like shooting. But i then took tylenol alive and shower and it went away all night till today and came back today so i believe im throwing something out causing the nerve to make my abdomen feel like bloated or cramps  . since it did go away then come back i was wondering jeeze  kina feels like someone has an ice pic in my back on and off and that im having cramps in my stomach and my area where my liver is feel like shooting pain .  any suggestions. 



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  • I don’t know cause we’re not Drs but my brother got a hernia doing heavy lifting.

    Do you have numbness or pain down your leg because when I injured my back I had other issues. 

    I get pains and bloat and have to go for ultrasound for gallbladder but I also have IBS so,,,

    You better get to the Dr. any tummy pain is important to get checked out. Even if it’s your back if you have workman’s comp you need to see a Dr. right away if it happened on the job. Like I would go to Urgent care and get checked out if it were me. 

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