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Hi my name is Kris I suffer from fibromyalgia Oreo arthritis spondilosis scoliosis spinal stenosis neuropathy greater occipital neuralgia and migraines I'm 55 and tired of seeing doctors 



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    Welcome KrissyC4 to the Veritas Health Forum.

    I think we all get tired of seeing doctors, if it's mot one thing it's another. People that do not have fibro do not understand that the pain and side effects just from that can be as bad  the pain from everything else. 

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  • Krissy

    Welcome to the site, there are a lot of us here that understand what you are dealing with, it's good to be around others that understand.


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    Hi Krissy. I hope you have a good pain management Dr. I went through 3 Pain Drs before I got a referral to a Pain Center in a downtown hospital that also has injections, Physiotherapy, mindfulness training with deep breathing, Botox injections etc like a one stop panel of specialists, 

    I had to get referral from my Main Dr for pain clinic but I chose the one I wanted that was popular in a big hospital where I live. The waiting list was long but worth it. 

    What meds do you take or how do you manage pain?

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