How to take pain meds effectively

Since January I was taking 300mg of Tramadol a day.  After surgery in late May I quickly went down to 1gm  of Paracetamol in the morning before my morning walk.  Paracetamol is like Extra Strength Tylenol.  Anyway, I have had residual pain since surgery, especially after walking or exercise.  I also started Physical Therapy this week.  This includes the obligatory exercise regimen. I went out early this morning for an hour walk but after one block, I walked back to the flat because my legs just didn’t want to go.  I generally have residual pain after my walk so stay inside the rest of the day.  What do you think?  Should I take another gym of Paracetamol q8hrs?



  • I’m no Dr but don’t take more than 3 grams a day. Years ago it used to be 4 grams but it’s now 3 grams but I always call my Pharmacist for any advice because they’re the experts.

    I have to take more than that for pain and sometimes add a lyrics or buscopan, whatever my Dr. suggests. 

    We have telephone appointments now which is so convenient now to call the MD. Charry

  • That's a question that only a medical professional should answer, no one on this forum is qualified or allowed to answer


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