I can't complain but I will

Reading some of your posts, my problems may sound low level .

back pain due to degenerative discs and spondylolisthesis l5/S1 grade 2 radiates to hip and lower after half an hour standing. I work 4 Hrs a day. It's getting harder to hide every day. Can't afford to quit job as I am old and barely employable. (62)

Lower leg issues such as plantar f./ Achilles Tendonitis/ tight calves/ peroneal tendonitis/  fat pad in heel degeneration.

Trigger finger  but only pain 2 or 3 times a week

Neck pain...wears me out recently. Can't do much loved swimming at the moment. Might be pinched nerve. Settles down a bit if I am very careful with posture. I've and heat help.

Chronic pain is exhausting. Takes me a couple of hours to prepare for work. If I really focus on diet and correct exercises and posture, life is not too bad. But motivation daily is a big problem. I've got neck pain now just texting this. As I am sure many of you have too. Thanks for reading.



  • Welcome getbackjoejoe we’re glad you’re here!

    Your problems do not sound low level to me in any way.

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  • charryccharry Posts: 220
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    do you see a Rheumatologist? Or a pain management Dr. for shots? I had to see those Drs to manage pain. 

    Good for you to keep working though. Can you set your clothes out the night before? I guess it’s like working full time with your long day getting ready. 

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  • Hi charry. no I don't see a rheumatologist. I had some injections for my back that didn't work.

    This morning I got some cupping for my neck. Does seem to have helped a bit. Though I might get a massage tomorrow.

  • I can relate to your pain right now. My sciatica has been pretty bad lately, especially standing. Now my neck is sore and the nerve compressed. I love to swim and fortunately have a small pool. I know how painful swimming can be for neck problems. I have been swimming with a soft cervical collar for years. Since my first pinched nerve. I still have to be careful but wearing the collar is the only way I can swim without making things worse. I also have a trigger finger and had a frozen thumb for months. Arthritis in the hands may not be as painful as the neck or back but the constant aching just makes things worse. I am doing alot of complaining now but I wanted you to know that I am in a very similar way and your post helped me. I hope this website will help you as well. Everyone here understands daily pain. Feel better, Nancyann 

  • joejoe -

    You can complain, and you should. This is the place for it. We all do it.  :#



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