Ear pain and muscle spasms down front of neck anyone????

HI I am a lumbar girl. Ive had 4 surgeries. Now its my neck. I recently had an MRI and it of course shows severe cervical degeneration. Anyone else have ear ache pain in front and back of ear??? Going to the my spinal dr but I am scared.



  • Before my ACDF surgery I did have pain in my right ear, I can't remember what the surgeon said about it because I was more concerned about my arm, I do remember that he said it wasn't unusual for the ear to hurt though.


  • Yes i also had weird shocks that would be in the ear area. Didn’t think it was related but have not had them since my surgery C5/C6 in Dec. 

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  • Vicki - Yes, I also had spasms/numbness/pain on the right side of my neck, back/base of my skull, right ear, right side of my face and down the right/front of my neck.  I was eventually cleared for my third ACDF with the diagnosis of "cervical instability".  I am now fused from C2 down into my thoracic area.  My symptoms were first thought to be stroke symptoms, but stroke symptoms were ruled out after at CT for stroke bleeds and MRIs for stroke blockages.   

  • Hi, I have those as well and that is how my neck issues presented themselves. I had balance issues and dizziness caused by irritation of the nerve serving my right ear. Mild neck pain followed a couple of weeks after and then the arm pain, etc. I have bulging discs at c4-c5 and c5-c6 and some facet joint hypertrophy. What has helped is manual therapy and traction during PT, loosening up the neck muscles and releasing trigger points.


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