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L5S1 twisting my body!

I have had sciatica on and off for 15 years. In January this year (without actually doing any particular thing) was left with terrible pain in my left glut, down my leg, radiating knee and calf muscle felt like someone was twisting it! Over the last few months I have tried most things to improve my condition and the pain has improves a lot. Still have pain in my hip/glut, can’t stretch my leg out straight and can’t bend properly...just pulls in that hip area. 

More recently, I have noticed that my whole body is shifting/leaning to the right (Opposite side of my L5S1 herniation). I am now getting some drastic lower back pain on the right side and soreness and numbness in my right knee and shin (the feeling is different to the Sciatic nerve pain feeling) 

My question is, has anyone experienced anything like this? If so, what did you do to elevate this ‘body tilt’ from happening?

Thank you. 



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    Welcome Smolz to the forum!

    From my experience with dealing with left side sciatica, I find myself leaning to compensate for the pain. Then it makes you walk different and effects your back. But for you to know exactly what is going on, you need to see your doctor and have diagnostic testing to make sure this is what it is.

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