Best mattresses for osteoarthritic hip pain?

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I am pre hip replacement surgery and in 24/7 pain. I need a new mattress anyway, so does anyone have a favourite mattress they bought for the purpose of comfort while in hip osteoarthritis pain? Thank you.



  • Welcome floddedsky we’re glad you’re here!

    We are not allowed to use any brand names. I have back and neck issues along with RA, my hips are affected by the arthritis pretty badly, I have an adjustable air mattress on an adjustable base and it works well for me. 
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    The Hip Surgery Health Center on Arthritis-health has many great articles about hip surgery, including Total Hip Replacement and Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Procedures. I hope you find these resources helpful.
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  • Actually, I meant kind of mattress, as in style or category of mattress (eg: memory foam, latex, hybrid), not brand name.

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  • I understand that and I told you what I sleep on, but I had to remind other members not to use any brand names

  • Thank you!

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