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5 yr chronic pain new to veritas

Gmorning everyone, 

Thought I'd try this forum.  It's been 5 yrs that ive been suffering with "chronic pain" .  Just want to meet someone that understands what im going thru.  Five years ago I went for a transforaminal epidural injection (esi) for l3 l4 and ever since my life has changed drastically.  I left there unable to walk, in excruciating pain. That day has changed my life.. and not for the best.  It's been a rollercoaster ride.  I have seen over 30 doctors and they all tell me they will not operate my back nor say that something went wrong.  All I want is to get better to live life. And stop existing. This pain has me kept me hostage in my house.  My best days I can probably  walk with a cane for 15 minutes before my legs give out on me but I'm so stubborn I refuse to use a wheelchair lol. I just needed to vent hope everyone has a wonderful day.  And thank you for reading



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,730

    Welcome jr1980 to the forum!!

    If you don't mind me asking, what was your diagnosis for getting an injection at L3-L4? And I am assuming you have had all of the diagnostic test done. If I were you, I would look into pain management. At least they could possibly manage your pain. I know what it's like to live in chronic pain and you have to have help, both mentally and physically. 

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    Have you read through our Chronic Pain Resources on Spine-health? You’ll find a number of valuable Chronic Pain Coping Techniques and resources for Understanding Neuropathy Symptoms. It’s a comprehensive resource for those seeking more information about chronic pain. I hope you find these resources helpful.

    Again, welcome to the Veritas Health Forum.
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  • Hello Sandra, 

     Hope you're doing well, yes I am currently going to pain management.   I went for bulging disc L4 L5.. left sciatic pain( this was 5 yrs ago)  I am currently doing pain management.  Because of covid.  Behavioral health therapy is backed up.  And ive been doing my arts and crafts... keeping my mind busy with poetry ,painting ,light gardening, meditation.  Im an artsy type of person. MRI (appointment pending)  I feel like I'm on a grievance phase. And, yes, I am also reading thru the files.  Some I've done and others im going to apply.  Thank you, Sandra, I truly appreciate your response.  Many blessings

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  • charryccharry Posts: 269
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    I found a good Pain Management Dr at a large hospital that deals with pain in a multifaceted way. 

    I wear a pain patch and use breakthrough pain meds as well as nerve pain meds and muscle relaxant at times.

    I just ordered a Thermotex infrared heating pad and they have a sale on right now and it penetrates 2,36 “ into your muscle pain and doesn’t burn like a regular heating pad.

    I’ve had to go for physiotherapy several times through my 12 years of chronic pain. 

    But I looked up famous pain clinics online in my city and found a good hospital and asked my family Dr for a referral, It’s a long waiting list but so worth it and glad my family Dr does my medications with the Pain Dr consult to do this.

    I can’t walk more than 15 minutes as well. I don’t want to get into the wheelchair or scooter thing either as your core gets weak but it depends on your age as well . 

    Keep on going one day at a time. There’s always hope for technical advancements in pain control. Charry

  • Hello Charry,

    Sorry I took long to respond.  I am 39 yrs old. Had an ESI 5 yrs ago  on L3 L4 and never have I been the same, recently had an mri done.  I guess from all the falls, i herniated the left side from L1-S1 .  C6,c7. 

    I had read your comment.  And asked my dr for a roller Walker.  I can't stand,  sit,  walk or lay for more than 15-20.  The pain also affects my speech, and I think it's affecting my vision.  I do the heat/cold therapy.  But will be looking into that  heating pad you recommended.   I also asked for PT, and for a home health aide.   They were not happy.  They want me to do more injections and/or surgery.  

    Thank you again cherry for your response and I do apologize for answering late.  


  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,730


    Did your doctor write you an order for a roller walker? Your insurance should pay for it.

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  • Jr I know some of the meds can cause blurry vision. I don’t know about speech unless you’re just so exhausted from the pain. 

    You need to write down your symptoms likes blurred vision and speech issues and bring the paper with you when you talk to the Dr so you won’t forget. 

    These things any changes should be mentioned to your Dr. for referral to Neurologist or causes, say medication side effects as we need to keep getting answers for any changes that could be due to multiple conditions that only a Medical Doctor can look into. Let the Dr. know. It’s so easy these days with telephone appointment with the Dr. Charry

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