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What to do about fusion pain

I had l4-s1 fusion in February 2015 I did good at first but fell so in march 2017 I had l5- s1 fused with bigger screws. I had the screws removed in October 2019. I am 35 yrs old. I had work my way down to mostly tramadol 100mg every 6 hours. I fells and had to move up to oxycodone 10mg. I lifted something to heavy and no feel like I need to move up to a higher dose. I went from 30mg oxycodone to 100mg tramadol. I don't want to have to move up any more. What if anything has anyone tried that worked



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    If I were you, I would talk to my doctor about the pain and what could be causing it. It could be nerve pain or spine pain, which would take different types of meds.

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  • I would see the doctor to find out the cause of your pain, if it's nerve pain there are nerve specific medications to help control it,


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  • I have an MRI wed and talk to the pain management doctor a about injections

  • That's good, I hope you can get some answers and a treatment plan


  • Thank you I feel a lot better since the hardware was removed. I know I irritated it when I lifted something to heavy a few days ago. I am nervous for the MRI cause everyone has led to surgery.

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  • Try not to stress while waiting, I know that's hard but it will only make things worse.

    I have had similar situations over the years and it turned out to be inflammation which resolved after a little time and some anti inflammatories, I hope that's the case for you.

    Take care and keep us posted


  • Thank you I have dine epidural steroid injections several years before the 1st surgery and it worked for a year so I am hoping to get the same results. I am also going to ask about the nerve injections he does.

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