Facet cervical injection

Has anyone had a Facet cervical injection that helped with nerve pain from pinched nerves in C6 and C7. Thank you sdean



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    Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection Video

  • G’day sdean, though I yet haven’t had an injection in your level YET. I am in the process if have injections. I have had 5 so far , 3 in neck, 1 in lumbar and 1 in bursa in hip. I still have a fair few to go. I have had some success. The most successful one was the one in c2/3 have not had a migraine since. That alone makes life a little easier.  The one I had in C5/6 has stopped  most of arm/ hand pain. Still get a lot of shoulder/scapulas Pain. I have a crook spine throughout . I am taking every injection coming . Any relief is relief . Though luckily here there all free and covered by Medicare. Goodluck hope you get a good outcome if you go through with the injection. Harpy

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