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Emergency Lumbar Fusion

Hi all it has been a little while since being on here. I have had a hack of a year but had to put off getting my spine looked at do to losing my dad then my grandma three weeks latter, then my step mom died unexpectedly three weeks after that. Then I get them buried then my mom calls and tells me my step dad got ran over by a car crossing the street and that I needed to get to WA state quick! We almost lost my step dad and we were not sure he was going to make it for weeks. He was in ICU for weeks. At the same time my step dad was in ICU my mom was hospitalized with (edit). So I became my step dads power of attorney and I had to take care of my mom because she has dementia. So my life was just turned upside down. By this time I had severe burning down my left leg, losing my bowels, and my legs would get numb and I would fall if I walked to long. I had my L5 S1 Fusion back in 2007 these discs are above the one that was fused. Man it seems like there is just a domino affect after you have one fusion on the lumbar. I have also had five Cervical fusions too. I do have DDD which does not help these matters.:| 

So long story short, I finally moved back home and got an appointment with a Neurosurgeon yesterday which was Thursday July 30th and she immediately took one look at my MRI and said why did you wait so long? She was taken back because my L4-L5 was completely crumbled and pieces went into my Spinal cord and did some damage, so we are not sure at this point how much damage. So she said we need to get you in asap for emergency surgery. So I go in Monday August 3rd early morning at 5:30am for fusion in the L3 L4 L5. I will be in the Hospital for three days then she wants me in rehab because the concern is if the damage is so bad that after surgery will I be able to walk. So please pray for me. Yikes a rough road ahead but I am sure all will be well. 

Have any of you ever faced something like this? If so how are you doing right now with this?




  • Wow. You have been dealing with a lot of chaos in your life. I am sorry you are going thru all of this. I had rapid surgery to repair my spine. It wasn't quite emergency status. But they got me into surgery within a 3 week time frame. They were worried that I may become paralyzed if they didn't do something quick. I was ordered to bed rest for the weeks before my surgery. Good luck and God bless you. Please keep us posted.


  • Thank  you for posting this.  It helps when I want to start feeling sorry for myself.  I wish you the best and hope you get all the help you need.  I'm due for fusion of my L4-5 later next month.  Keep us posted.  Hopefully you will move along to facebook.

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