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I've been taking Tramadol for two years -my new doc wants to send me to pain clinic

Been on Tramadol for two years after almost getting killed in a motorcycle accident and had to go to a new doctor because of my insurance. All of the sudden she's making me go to a pain clinic for a schedule 4 drug. My friend said he had to go through meditation classes and acupuncture before they would give him any meds. Is this true? Why does she send me to a pain clinic for a schedule 4 drug?



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    Now, when someone is in chronic pain and needs to be on drugs, your regular doctor does not want to take any risk prescribing drugs. So they will send you to pain management so your pain can be better controlled. Every clinic is different on what they will do first. I was told by my GP to always stay with a pain clinic in a hospital. That way if any test are done you will have everything in one place. 

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  • My GP Dr still orders pain meds while awaiting the long referral to a pain management centre.  Once the pain Dr okays the meds after an assessment your DR may continue to prescribe them. Well mine does. The Pain Dr has more experience in assessment and finding the pain centres. Find a good pain centre.

    The mindfulness is just deep breathing because we tend to do shallow breathing when we’re in pain. That was really helpful. Physiotherapy is helpful as well. 

    My PM Dr. found my source of pain being facet nerves and I get them ablated but still take pain meds.

    I hope you find a good pain Dr close to you in case you have to go for several appointments. 

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