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C1 C2 fusion in ‘97.... new problem now?

Hi all... first timer here. 

I had a fusion in ‘97 due to lack of odontoid process. For the past week I’ve had this super weird feeing in the entire left side of my body - head to toe. And it’s getting worse. I thought it could be cardio related and went to ER Saturday night. Ekg/troponin test all ok. Diagnosed with heart palpations and follow up with primary care. 

Saw primary care today. He feels very strongly that this feeling i have is coming from cervical area and wants me to see neurosurgeon asap. I’m shaken up.... this was the furthest thing from my mind. 

I have a few questions and hoping someone- anyone- could relate to any of this.  I have had a ct mylogram (sp?) years ago and would give my left and right leg to NOT have that done again!!! Injecting a ton of dye into lumbar region was horrendous!!!  One question i have is... i am not sure what type of metal is in my neck. Does anyone know what they were using back then? Has technology improved and there may be a new way to get images now as opposed to that barbaric test i had? Sorry to dump a lot in one sitting... feeling scared and have so many questions. Thank you 



  • Welcome klmsterb we’re glad you’re here!

    I don't have any idea if your hardware is MRI compatable or not, my hardware is, but my surgery was several years after yours, I will say that mylograms have come a long way, I had my first one around 1987 and my last one a little over a year ago, the process is not nearly as bad as it used to be, not saying it's fun, but not as bad as the early ones.

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  • klmsterb - I totally agree with Chip.  My second CT Myelogram performed in 2016 as a "piece of cake" compared to my first one in 1997.  The dye material is different, so they can use a lot smaller bore needle, plus the CT Scanner time was only a couple of minutes as compared to 1997 when I had to spend over an hour in the CT Scanner.  

    I had requested an interventional radiologist that was "good" at doing Myelograms.  I also think they have improved the sedation medication used for the procedure.

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  • Thanks!!  Working with pcp and neurosurgeon and now they think this is cardio related. That was my first gut reaction when it started. 

    I am happy to have found this group! 

  • Advocate for yourself and keep pursuing to identify the underlying cause(s) of your symptoms.  Please keep use updated.

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