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Lower Back Pain

Hello Guys,

I was wondering if anyone can help me?

I have been going to see the Physio for my Lower Back Pain history since 2010, I have been given home exercises to do 

so far from the Physio to strengthen my Core Muscles, even though the home exercises has helped, I feel that I still have 

not gone anywhere with these Home Exercises, and that I have not achieved a better result for my lower back pain so far

maybe I am missing important excercises, so far, I am doing the below exercises


Side Plank

Supine Bridge

Back Extenstion

I feel kind of lost on what to do, can someone please advice me the best approach, because I still feel my Lower Back is 

not as strong as normal people without Lower Back Pain. 

Kind Regards




  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,713

    Welcome Gayan to the forum!!

    I was looking through my bookmarks to find an article on exercises and found this post by catapam. I hope this helps you out.

    Pain free because specific exercises - personal story 

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    Here’s a great article about back pain on Spine-health that you might want to check out: Back Pain Overview: A Guide for Understanding Back Pain. The article outlines common lower back pain causessymptoms, and treatments. It’s a very comprehensive article. I hope you find this information helpful.

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  • Hi memerainbolt,

    Thank you for the reply, I really appreciate it


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  • Planks and side planks are good for me too. 

    In addition, I have stretched my hamstrings to the extent that I can easily touch the ground with straight legs. I was informed that loose hamstrings assist in easing lower back pain (muscles connected through gluts to lower back, so keep the hamstrings stretched), so I complete a set of 10, touching my toes with straight legs, every day and this makes my pain (barely) tolerable. 

    For immediate relief from extreme lower back pain, I do "Supermans". That's on all fours (knees and hands, straight back). Then extend the right arm and left leg simultaneously to level with your back and hold for 10 seconds. Slowly swap to the left arm and right leg. 3 sets of 10 works well for me, every day.

    These exercises are gentle, non-impact and merely for stretching in the right places for lower back pain.

  • Try yoga positions for lower back! I have tried laying on the floor with leg being on a chair.The pain eases off a little

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