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Alternative to Advil ?

Have 3rd spinal operation on Nov. 14,2019.

Spinal fusion ALIF With posts L4-Pelvis .  Currently  Sciatica on the right side Been using Advil since Jan. of 2020 as only 

pain relief. Forearm now bruising with skin tears. Is there anything that can be used  in place of Advil.

Please advise.




  • Are you using Advil because you think the pain is due to inflammation? Turmeric (in the form of Golden Paste) and Devil's Claw are natural anti-inflammatories that I use and find helpful

  • I believe most of the pain is from the sciatic nerve.

    I Tried Turmeric before the last operation with result.

    Thank you for information. I used to work a herb processor familiar with both .

    Thank you for your suggestions



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  • charryccharry Posts: 266
    edited 08/13/2020 - 4:02 PM

    I take a nerve pain med for sciatica like lyrica but have tried amitriptylline etc. My Dr didn’t like Advil for me anyway as it raised my BP. 

    Does your Dr know about those skin tears? I mean first defense I use is like a dermatologist recommended moisturizer gently applied. You can call your Dr and Pharmacist about the skin rips. That needs to be attended to and see if Advil caused it like bruising can be caused by many things. See your Dr or at least get a telephone appointment. 

    I know healing from surgery takes awhile to recover. Keep us posted. Charry

  • Thanks I will do that , but with the virus. Try to wait as is might clear up by itself.

    Thanks again charry   

  • Doesn’t your Dr give phone call appointments?

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  • Charry, the bruising seems to slowing down I now wear fore arm protectors ware from the wrist to elbow .

    Also cut down on Advil now 3 times in 24 hours strictly enforced.

    It takes a long time get appt. but have one Oct.

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