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Defective "Medronic Spine Stimulator"??

Hello All:  My name is Chad and I just went through my 15th spine surgery. I had a Medtronic spine stim installed in my leftside back on March 20, '18.  When I awoke from surgery, my body was flopping like a fish and out of control.  They shot me up with Diazapam and sent me home.  For over 550 days, the device was pouring at least 3.3% of the battery into my body, bypassing the leads and going right into my kidney and stomach area all the way up to the base of my skull (max 10%/day 4x) while being shut off, settings at 0.00 and the battery removed.  It took 30 days for the battery to go dead after my last full charge. Has anyone else out there had this happen to them?  They (medtronics) just sent me a form letter claiming "Operational/Functional"??  I still have super odd taste buds, smell ozone 24/7 and my eyes burn like crazy.  What type of private lab should I be looking for to retest the device once I get it back this week?  My Dr. looked me straight in the eyes and said "It's impossible for this device to be defective, Chad...The pain is in your head" and walked out...I had just been released from the ER for the 2x in 8 days.  (Edit)is scary!!!  Can anyone out there help me in any way, shape or form?  Just so exhausted :(



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    I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. Have you thought about having it removed? I had a SCS several years ago and had to have it removed because they could not get the pain under control. The doctor was not happy about my decision but I insisted. After that, I changed pain management doctors.

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