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Am I at 90 mg morphine equivalent?

I'm prescribed 4 10 mg oxycodone and 1 15 mg morphine sulfate ER a day. I have been on the same dose for at least a year and barely can get two good hours of relief out of the oxycodone.

 I have been telling this to pain management for several months yet they refuse to change it and even sent me to one of their other practices for a CBD THC card which is useless here in Georgia because medical marijuana is not sold and yes, I've already tried CBD with 0.3 THC and it has done nothing for me.

 My question is am I at the limit the 90 mg morphine equivalent limit ?

* I suffered a broken sternum and two broken thoracic vertebrae in a very severe car accident three years ago and I have not been the same since.



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    Welcome mollyc to the forum.

    Most pharmacies will limit the quantity of opioids prescribed to 90 MME/day. You have to request a PA for higher doses from your doctor. 90 MME is the equivalent to 60mg of oxycodone per day, 2 tablets 30mg. each sustained release. If you have been on this same dose for a year, if it were me, I would talk to my PM doctor about changing to something different. 

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  • mollyc - If you google "morphine equivalent calculator", you can find several web sites that will give you those results.   

    I used to be on a small maintenance dose of oxycodone to control spinal cord injury pain.  I was able to get off the use of oxycodone on a regular basis, but I made the mistake of telling my prescribing doctor.  When I asked the doctor for a script for breakthrough pain, he informed me that my state now only allows opioids for two weeks of post-op pain, palliative care for patients that are in the last days of their life or those patients that are "grandfathered".  I am one who tries to be candid with my doctor, but my mistake was that I informed him that I had discontinued the oxycodone use on a regular basis.

    The 90 MME "guideline" now appears to vary from state to state.  I hope you can find some way to better manage you pain.

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