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L4/L5 360° fusion , with new disc issues

So I had my l4/l5 fused January of 2016. Good until march/April of this year. Ended up getting severe back pain and knew it was my disc. Got an MRI with a bulged disc with an annular disc tearing at L5/S1. Hurts like heck. PT was finished with no help. And even flared it up a few visits. My Primary doctor pretty much said surgery will probably need to happen if Injections are not helpful. 

Now if surgery happened I have a feeling I'd rather just get it fused and done with like how mine was completed. I've heard mixed thoughts on aDiscectomy, but what do yall think/Have experienced? What is possible if my L4/L5 is fused, and my L5/S1 disc is done for?



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  • All surgeons are different, but my surgeon will not do a discetomy on a level above or below a level that is fused.


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  • Thanks, I do not think a discectomy  would last long due to my fusion. I am curious if a disk replacement would be possible, or just a fusion

  • There's specific criteria that has to be met for replacement and only your doctor would be able to answer that question


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