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Neck pain/clicks have moved to bottom of skull

For the past few years I’ve had neck problems, it’s always been the case where I bend it and it clicks because it felt stiff to the point it became automatic, and the pops and clicks would be the audible kinds other people could hear. About mid year both sides became stiff so that I couldn’t bend my neck without bad pain and eventually I couldn’t click my neck at all. But it’s progressed to the base of my skull where my neck meets my head and upwards. Other people can’t hear the cracks and it’s actually more of a crunching sort of noise now (or just lots of tiny clicks, hard to describe) but it ranges from the back of my head to both sides. The pain sometimes feels like it reaches the top of my head, and I want to go to the doctors about it but I don’t think neck pain is a GP priority at the minute with covid. Is there any ideas on why it’s moved up to my skull/any exercises I could do to help?



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    If I were in pain, I would go to the doctor. You won't know if they are seeing patients unless you call.

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    Have you visited the Neck Pain Health Center on Spine-health? It has a comprehensive list of neck pain articles you might find helpful, including Common Causes of Neck PainHome Remedies for Neck Pain and Dizziness, and How to Treat a Stiff Neck.  

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  • sigadd  - As Sandra said, try to get a doctor appointment.  From your postal code, I can't tell which country you live. If you have to resort to telemed, maybe the doctor will order some diagnostic imaging.  There are so many things that can cause conditions like you describe.  In my experience with complex neck issue, you need to reach out to a doctor.

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