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Is there a limit to the number of herniated discs someone can have?

Here's the thing, I've already had one discectomy, on my L4-L5. Also, I have a discal protusion on the thoracic and one on the cervical. Besides a small bulging on the thoracic. What are the consequences of so many herniation? Can I live a normal life with that?

Ps.: I know I should check with my doctor and I will definitely do that. But I want to check with people who are going through similar stuff. I mean, that's the purpose of the forum too, right?



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,711

    I had lumbar surgery from L1-L6, 2 rods, cages, screws and pins. Now they are all herniated and or ruptured and being held together by the hardware. I am not a candidate for surgery so keeping my fingers crossed. But I do have a morphine pain pump to control the pain. I also have 2 fractured vertebra at T10-T11. If you are not in pain then you can live with it.


  • G’day yukioandra,  I personally think there is no limit to how many discs can blow out, buldge out tear. I have 4 herniated discs in my neck , 7 buldging and one herniated discs in my thoracic. My lumbar is a mess and fusing itself. I personally I know I will never  live my normal life but I now  live a modified life. I never know how my spine will be tomorrow so I do things I can do today. I had my grandsons yesterday, they know ganma can do too much any more and today was LEGO day, a wonder toy lol . Today is lounge day , sitting in the sun at the back door. Harpy

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  • At last count I had 5 bulging or herniated disc, for the time being the pain is manageable, so I am just living with it


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